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Bat Tactical Actions in owned and operated by Jamie Dodson of Wolf Precision.  A tactical competitor who has won and placed in many sniper/tactical matches over the years and owner of Wolf Precision's Long Range Shooting School.

Bat Tactical Actions came about while working with Bat Machine Co. trying to fill a void in the market when it came to Tactical/Hunting Actions.  Looking to come up with a world class action that was truly field worthy.  Bat Tactical Actions are held to the same tolerances and clearances as Bat Machine Companies' record setting benchrest actions, but with some subtle and ingenious design changes that allow them to work harder and longer in field environments.  Oh, and did we mention a true "drop fit" 700 clone that will fit into your favorite rifle stock with little to no modification?!

Lastly, the actions have been in use for several years.  Proving themselves both at the range and in the field.  They have also been proudly used by some of the best gunsmiths in the country to build many rifles for customers who are looking for the very best in quality and accuracy.  So if you are looking for the best.  Look no further than the new Bat Tactical Action!

The result was the new B.T.A. (Bat Tactical Action)!

Short Actions - $1585.00

.223 - Sold out
.308 - Sold out!
WSM - 2 in stocks

Long Actions - $1645.00

338 Lapua (cip)   - Sold Out!

Features include:

True drop fit Remington 700 cloned action
Repeater (single shot available - call for details)
SS Action
Chrome Moly Bolt with flat bolt nose
Welded, threaded handle with Tactical Bolt Knob
Integral 20 moa rail
Integral recoil lug
Fluted bolt body
Side bolt stop relaese
t-slot extractor
Salt Bath Nitrided / Melonite