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Interchangeable Chamber Barrel System

When the pursuit for perfection meets passion for precision...this is the only way to describe what happens when you are searching for a better way to do things even better.  This breakthrough in the art of making precision rifles will likely change the way custom rifles will be built for a long time to come.   We are proud to say that we are responsible for the first major design change to how a bolt action rifle is built in nearly 100 years!  The ground breaking patent pending design will not only ensure the customer is getting the quality product they paid for, but in the end will add value to the fact that the chamber and barrel are machined and manufactured separately by Bat Machine.  This allows the end user the option to change calibers and barrels separately and independently of each other.  Need a new barrel?  No need to send a barrel blank and your rifle to a gunsmith then wait for many months.  You just simply order another barrel and when it is ready, ship us your rifle and we will unscrew your chamber from your old shot-out barrel and install it on your new barrel.  Turn around time is 5 business days - Guaranteed!  Also, imagine how simple it is getting the newly replaced barrel up and running if you are using the exact same chamber? 

New Chamber System works with the Bat Tactical Action and the newer Bat HR and Bat VR's.  Call for details.

See more details available at Wolf Precision!